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About me

My name is Maria Teresa Vitali and I was born in Milan, I live in Rome near the Coliseum with my husband and my daughters Barbara and Martina. Rome is a wonderful city, well known in the whole world for its history, monuments, churches and of course the Vatican city which in the residence of the Pope.

When I was a young school girl I used to spend my summers in Milan with my mother and grandmother during the school holiday period. I can remember watching my grandmother, enchanted by her expert hand and her creations.

Ever since I can remember my favorite pass time was to design near her and my mother jealously kept all my drawings. I never realized that they would be the inspiratione for my needlework.
My first design is part of my private collection, was a sampler dedicated to the two most important women in my life; my mother and my grandmother

I love to spend my weekends on the terrace of my house by the sea. I let myself be inspired by the perfume of the flowers in the garden and the sunset. (I have portrayed this image in one of my designs “my paradise”). I love all that is connected to nature, animals and flowers.
My designs are based on romantic subjects, sewing kit, needlerolls, biscornu, boxes and sewing set,using fine materials such as silk threads hand-dyed, hand-dyed linen, beades and Swarovski crystals.
When I am using cross-stitch in my designs I love to add those traditional embroidery stitches which I think give a special touch to my designs.
My company MTVDESIGNS was founded in 2002 for the creation of patterns of embroidery on my designs.
My charts are distributed and sold in various states and my creations were the subject of shows in various showmarket in Italy (Abilmente- Vicenza e Italia Invita -Parma), France (Auguille en fete), USA (Saint Charles, Nashville Spring Showmarket editions in 2015, 2016 ) and I donated some of my drawings to The Embroiderers’ Guild of America